Памятка - Приставки английского языка, указывающие на отрицательное значение слова (Prefixes for negation) - файл n1.doc

Памятка - Приставки английского языка, указывающие на отрицательное значение слова (Prefixes for negation)
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Prefixes for negation

a- not amoral

dis- not disassociate

il- not illiterate

im- not impossible

in- not inactive

ir- not irrational

mis— wrong misgiving

non- not nonexistent

un- not unintentional

Prefixes for number and size

demi- half demitasse

hemi- half hemisphere

semi- half semicircle

won-/ mono- one monologue

uni- one unification

proto- first prototypical

olig- few oligarchy

poly- many polygamy

bi-, bin- two bilingual

tri- three trimester

dec-, deci- ten decade

cent-, hect- hundred centennial

myria- ten thousand myriameter

Prefixes for very small

micro- small microscope

milli- thousandth milligram

Prefixes for very large

macro- large macroeconomics

mega- large megalomania

magni- great magnificent

Prefixes for time

ante- before antebellum

pre- before preindustrial

pro- before progeny

re- again regain

after- after aftertaste

epi- after epilogue

post- after postgraduate

Prefixes for where

ac- to, toward accrue

ad- to, toward addiction

af- to, toward affirm

ag- to, toward aggressive

an- to, toward annotate

by- near bystander


en- in envelope

irn— into immerse

intra- within intramural

intro- inside introspection

enter- among entertain

inter- among interstate

epi- upon epidermis

e- out, away emigrate

ex- out exit

extra- outside extraterrestrial

de- from, down demerit

off- from offspring

mid- middle midsummer

on- on onshore

para- beside paralegal

per- throughout pervasive

circu— around circumvent

peri- all around periphery

trans- across transcontinental

dia- through diagonal

pro- forward proceed

re- back retract

retro- back retroflex

sub- under subzero

under- below underachiever

with- back away withdraw

super- over supervisor

tele- distant telecommunications

Prefixes for amount

extra- excessive extravagant

hyper- too much hyperactive

hypo- too little hypoglycemic

omni- all omnipresent

out- surpassing outdo

pene- almost peninsula

ultra- beyond ultramodern

under- less than underweight

Prefixes for relationship of together or separate

auto- self autocratic

self- self self-sufficient

ab- away from abdicate

col- with colleague

corn- with commune

con- with connect

co- together coordinate

sym- together symphony

syn- together synthesis

Prefixes that make a judgment

anti- against antisocial

contra- against contraception

dys- bad dysfunction

mal- bad maladjusted

mis- wrong misfortune

bene- good benefactor

en- good euphoria

pro- for pro-education

Other prefixes

ambi- both ambivalent

amphi- around amphitheater

be- make befriend

hetero- different heterodox

homo- same homogeneous

meta- change metabolism

neo- new neoclassicism

pseudo- false pseudonym

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