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Мацеева С.В. Тестовые задания для студентов неязыковых специальностей
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Прикамский социальный институт

Тестовые задания для студентов

неязыковых специальностей

Пермь 2005
ББК 81.2англ

М 12

Автор-составитель: Мацеева С.В.
Английский язык. Тестовые задания для студентов неязыковых специальностей. – Пермь: ПСИ, 2005. – 24 с.

Печатается по решению Ученого совета Прикамского социального института.

© Мацеева С.В., 2005.

© Прикамский социальный
институт, 2005.

Test e.e.1

  1. Read and translate the text

Commercial Bank Lending

The banks’ most important activity is the extension of credit. In order to provide a loan, a bank must have funds to lend. This comes from paid-in capital, earnings of previous years, borrowed funds and the bank customers’ deposits. The banker must always remember that money he lends is not his banks’ own money. It is money deposited by the banks’ customers, whether in a demand or time account. This idea limits the risk that a commercial banker will take.

To evaluate the risk, a banker must first obtain certain basic information about the potential borrowed. The banker must learn how much money the borrower needs, the purpose and the terms of the loan, and how the borrower will repay the loan. The integrity of the borrowed is determined by previous loans and by his standing with other banks. Everywhere in the world banks exchange credit information with each other.

The financial position of the borrower is determined on the basis of his financial statement. This consists of a detailed balance sheet and a profit and loss statement. The bank demands an audited financial statement covering the previous three years.

  1. Underline modal verbs.

  2. Ask 10 questions to the text.

  3. Put the verbs into the correct forms

  1. We can not cancel the order because it already (to send). Мы не можем отменить заказ, потому что он уже отправлен.

  2. The advertisement (to make) soon. Реклама скоро будет сделана.

  3. Our catalogues (to print) this week. Наши каталоги печатаются на этой неделе.

  4. The date for the next appointment (to fix) yet. Дата следующей встречи ещё не определена.

  5. This product usually (to guarantee) for 5 years. На эту продукцию обычно даётся гарантия 5 лет.

  6. A new equipment (to install) in our office right now. Новое оборудование устанавливается в нашем офисе прямо сейчас.

  7. The goods from Canada just (to deliver). Продукция из Канады только что была доставлена.

  8. Your draft contract must (to study) carefully before the final stage of the transaction. Ваш черновой вариант контракта должен быть очень внимательно изучен перед завершающей стадией сделки.

  9. The first lot can (to deliver) within 3 months. Первая партия может быть поставлена в течение месяцев.

  10. All the principal points of the contract must (to agree) by the both sides of a deal. Все основные положения контракта должны быть согласованы обеими сторонами-участницами сделки.

Test e.l.1

    1. Read and translate the text

The Need for Law

Mr.Jones murdered his wife… And one night he was burying her in his garden, when his neighbour, hearing the noise, asked him what he was doing.

“Just burying the cat”, said the neighbour.

“A funny sort of time to bury a cat”, said the neighbour.

“Funny sort of cat”, said Mr.Jones.

Now it is obvious to everyone that in community, on which we live, law is necessary to prevent people like Mr.Jones from killing their wives. When the world was at a very primitive stage, there was not such law, and if a man chose to kill his wife, or if a woman killed her husband, that was their own business and no one interfered officially.

But now members of every community have made laws for themselves in self-protection. If there were no laws, people could not go out without the fear of being kidnapped, robbed or murdered. There are more good people in the world than bad, but there are enough bad people who make law necessary. But it is important to understand that law is necessary not only because there are bad people in the world. Imagine how one man in a car can pass another man in a car coming in the opposite direction, if there are no rules of the road. So in our everyday life we must follow a set of rules of behavior. They help us to live safely together with people around.

So we can see that people need laws. Every country tries to provide laws, which will help its people to live safely and comfortably. But it’s not at all an easy thing to do and no country has been successful in producing laws, which are entirely satisfactory. But still people can not live without laws.

    1. Underline modal verbs.

    2. Ask 10 questions to the text.

    3. Put the verbs into the correct forms:

  1. Any action a person takes can (to explain) from several different points of view. Любое действие, совершаемое человеком, может быть объяснено с нескольких различных точек зрения.

  2. When I came in the client (to interview). Когда я вошёл клиенту задавали вопросы.

  3. The bill must (to sign) by the president. Этот законопроект должен быть подписан президентом.

  4. Appeals (to hear) by higher courts. Апелляции слушаются в судах высшей инстанции.

  5. A new will (to make) just by her solicitor. Новое завещание только что было составлено её адвокатом.

  6. He (to represent) in the court by the best barrister in this city. На суде он будет представлен лучшим адвокатом в этом городе.

  7. If a person (to charge/not) with a crime within 48 hours he must (to release). Если человеку не предъявлено обвинение в течение 48 часов, он должен быть освобождён.

  8. The verdict (to discuss) by the jury right now. Вердикт обсуждается присяжными прямо сейчас.

  9. Capital punishment (to abolish) in England in 1965. Смертная казнь была отменена в Англии в 1965 году.

  10. Many crimes (to commit) under the influence of films and books which are full of violence. Многие преступления совершаются под влиянием фильмов и книг, которые полны насилия.
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