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Шакирова Т.И. Учебно-методический практикум для письменных заданий
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1. В правой части открытки пишется имя и фамилия адресата.

2. Ниже пишется его (ее) адрес: дом улица

город индекс

3. В левой части пишется текст открытки:
1) Обращение: Например: Dear Sally,

Dear Aunt Jane,

Dear Mr. Brown,

My darling,
2) Ссылка на полученную информацию (если нужно, например, при ответе на полученную телеграмму, открытку или письмо)
3) Текст
4) Завершающая фраза, после нее всегда ставится запятая, ниже приводятся пять возможных вариантов от наименее формального (1) к более формальному (5).

1. I love you so much,

2. Lots of love, Much love,

3. Love,

4. Best wishes, All the best,

5. Yours.
5) Подпись автора. Личные письма подписываются без указания фамилии (знаки препинания не ставятся)


Dear Alice,

I was glad to receive your postcard! Alice Green

I also congratulate you on New Year! 8 Shire Lane

I am happy to know that everything is all right with you. Chelsea

I’ll write again soon. NC5 8RS

Love, Vera UK

Exercise 1. You are spending your holidays in a sport camp. Write the postcard to your parents in which you must tell them the latest news about your life there. You mother is a teacher of English that’s why she wants you to write in English in order to train your skills.
1. Choose: A. Hello parents

B. Dear Mum and Dad

C. Dear friends
2. Match the number of the place (1-6) with the parts of the postcard (A-F).







A. Tamara Potyomkina B. Love, C. Kolya

Flat 112

26 Pushkin Str

Tomsk 645007


D. I’ve been here for a week already and I like the life here very much.

E. Dear Mum and Dad,

F. Yesterday we made a fire in the wood and didn’t sleep for the whole night. It was fantastic! How are you?

Exercise 2. Read the following postcard. What is the only adjective used by Bill and Sue?

Dear Laura,

We are having a nice time here in Scotland, Laura Green

But the weather isn’t very nice. We’re “White Gates”

staying in a nice hotel near a nice town called Aberfeldy. 8 Shire Lane

We have nice views of the mountains and forests Chesswood

from our bedroom. Yesterday we went to see Blair Herts. WD3 7QZ

Castle. It was really nice. Today we are hoping to go

for a nice walk by the lake (called a “loch” here!).

Did you have a nice time in Italy?

We’ll ring you next week.


Bill and Sue
Exercise 3. Bill and Sue use nice eight times. Fill the gaps in the sentences below with a better adjectives from the box. You can use each adjective only once. Careful! Sometimes more than one word is possible, but not always!

Lovely spectacular small old

comfortable good terrible long

a. We are having a ______________time here in Scotland.

b. But the weather is _____________________________ .

c. We’re staying in a _____________hotel near a ____________ town.

d. We have _____________ views of the mountains.

e. The castle was really ______________________ .

f. We’re hoping to go for a ________________ walk by the lake.

g. Did you have a ___________________ time in Italy?

Exercise 4. Where were you on your last holiday? Imagine you are still there. Write a postcard to an English friend. Use Bill and Sue’s postcard to help you, but use the adjective nice only once!

Write about:

Exercise 5. Read the postcard you have received from your English pen friend Steve and write him an answer.

Dear N.,

I am happy you are going to visit us next summer. Could you tell me what month you would like to come?

Best wishes,


N.. N….

10 Parkovaya Street,



Your friend Steve Gill lives in London, at 12 Park Lane. His post code is SW 1E 6AG.

Exercise 6. Read the postcard from your English pen-friend Ann and write her an answer.

Dear N…,

I am coming to see you in June and I would like to know what kind of clothes I will need in your country at that time of the year.

Write soon!



N… N…

10 Shirokaya Street



Your friend Ann White lives in Oxford, at 2 Victoria Street. Her postcode is OX 2 006


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