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Реферат по английскому языку

Тема: «What is hot with the young generation?»

The plan of my report

  1. Introduction. Teenage years is a unique period of young people.

  2. Main body. Is it easy to be young? Hot problems of the young.

    1. A problem between “fathers and sons”.

    2. What makes young people be violent?

    3. Teachers and students”. Do you have such a problem?

    4. Why do teens choose a subculture?

      1. Some features of different groupings.

      2. Different music styles.

    5. Slang is a way of expressing young people’s tastes and identities.

    6. Going in for dangerous kind of sport is another way of expressing yourselves.

    7. Problems of love and friendship.

    8. The latest problems of our life.

      1. Education.

      2. Pocket money.

      3. Health problems.

  3. Conclusion.

There are many problems that young people have to face when they stop being children. Is it easy to be young? Are teenagers happy to be their age? Teenager years from some kind of between the childhood and the grown-up life. At this age all feelings and emotions are very strong, all problems seem very important.

There are two types of problems - personal problems and the problems

the whole generation has to face. Youth is a very important period in the life of each man. This is the time when a person discovers the world and tries to find the place in the Universe. Young people face lots of problems, which are very important for them. Every generation is unique. The adults always say that the young are not what they were. These words are repeated from generation to generation. I think my generation grows up quicker. It’s better educated, because the technological progress has influence it. Each generation has it’s own ideals and a system of values.

One of the most important youth problems is a generation gap. Young people often don’t understand adults. Our parents teach the young how to live. Unfortunately the adults have old standarts and they don’t accept a new way of live. But we want to make our own mistakes rather than listen to advise of our parents. Many young people think that their parents will never understand them, that’s why sometimes we shocked our parents with our dress, language , behaviour.

Some people consider teenagers violent. They say that youth gangs control streets and have bloody tights. But 1 don't think that teens are violent. Sometimes one can look violent, but there is always a certain reason, for that young person's violence is usually provoked by the grown-ups around, who don't lake a young person seriously. Many young people run away from their parents and homes, because they need freedom in choosing clothes, friends and music. Many teenagers shout at their parents and teachers if those don't want to listen to teenagers' words and reasons. As for the youth gangs, I think, some teenagers need to prove that they are the strongest and the coolest, so they fight much.

The same misunderstanding we face sometimes from the side of the teachers. They think that youth is given for studying. But a person who only studies is dull. Some teachers do not understand that youth is the time for us to learn about people and about ourselves, to play and try things, they try to keep us away from all "dangers" which make up life. But we need to be taken seriously, to meet a friendly hand. We have just become grown-ups, so young people need somebody to discuss different problems and relationships with. As long as parents and teachers can't take teenagers seriously, they form their own social groups, which is the phenomenon called "subculture". A subculture is a cultural group within a larger culture, which includes certain methods of communication and identification. I think that the Russian culture includes many such subcultures. Teens subculture is a part of culture and it reveals itself in many features - clothes, styles of favorite

music, hair-dos, way of life, opinions about life , future and education, the choice of friends and other aspects. On the one hand, teens express their individuality and their difference from children through within framework their subculture. On the

other hand, many groups of teenagers follow a certain fashion which requires to wear certain piece of clothes (like jeans, army boots, bandanas), jewellery (like earrings for boys. wattles bracelets) certain hairdo? (ponytail, shaved heads, coloured or dyed hair), sometimes certain colours.

It of course prevents young people from expressing their individuality. So you have to choose a subculture you want to belong to. It's not only the question of appearance. There is a certain philosophy lying in the basis of every lifestyle, every subculture. To choose a subculture to belong to one should thoroughly consider one's likes and dislikes, one's way of life and habits. There are so many subcultures to meet all demands!
There are many groupings (subcultures) that have interests different from those of the mainstream culture. That`s why I would like to describe the most popular subculture in detail. By the mid-60s, teenagers had begun to form distinct cultural groupings :

MOD: These people developed their own style distinct from others. A person has college-style hair, a neat white shirt, a short jacket, or a short blazer jacket, and narrow trousers, The clothes are Italian by choice .Pale face, plenty of make-up. Scooters* (light motor cycles) are the preferred means of transportation. He or she prefers soul* music.
PUNK: A young person who dresses in a shocking way to express his or her Identity (who somebody is). He or she has brightly coloured hair and wears metal chains. The person is thought to rebel (protest) against the society .The music is aggressive. They reject (say no to) everything.
ROCKER: A young person who wears a leather jacket, army boots and a cowboy hat just to show off. He is associated with something rebellious.
HIPPIE: Some classify these types of people like drug users and rock and roll fans, since their behaviours differ from social norms. They don't conform (don't keep) to society's standards and support a liberal attitude and lifestyle. They always want to change the world to the best.
HACKER: They are the 'wizards' of the computer community; people with deep understanding of how their computers work, and can do things with them that seem 'magical'. They do not protest against their parents .
RAVER: These are the folks who use computer-made, synthesized music, and drugs to create massive all-night dance parties in empty warehouses. They like to be in a collective. They want to try out all sort of options (to test all things that they can choose) and are thought to be violent (showing strong physical force).
GOTH: The members of this subculture wear the blackest black, with a lot of silver jewellery and have very black hair and look as thin and pale as possible . The members gather together to read Bram Stoker* and talk about being vampires, and about the end of the world.
BIKER: All persons who ride 2 or sometimes 3 wheeled motorized vehicles and who identify themselves with a particular (special) subculture.
SKINHEAD: They cut their hair shorter than others do. The majority of them are working class, patriotic, reggae and football fanatics, and very uninterested in politics. Most wear tight trousers and heavy boots (Doc Martens) and are usually regarded as violent and aggressive. Skinheads in Russia wear very short hair as skinheads in Britain do. They also like skinheads in Britain prefer to wear heavy boots, jeans and listen to special kind of music. But Russian skinheads are very aggressive and skinheads in Britain are not. They are interested in politics but skinheads in Britain are not. They often have racist views and skinheads in Britain have not. Skinheads in Russia hate teens who prefer rap music because rap is sung mostly by black musicians.
Members of different groups and subgroups have their own favourite music. Below there is information about some music styles:
PSYCHEDELIC*: These free-form improvisations and light shows appeared about 1966. For example: “Pink Floyd”.
REGGAE*: This is the most important form of West Indian popular music of the 1970s and 1980s. the lyrics often refer to Rastafarianism.* For example: Bob Marley.

PUNK-ROCK*: This music began in the UK and was thought to be aggressive. It was a rejection of every thing that had gone before. It was designed to shock. For example: “Sex Pistols”.
ROCK-N-ROLL*: It began in the early 1950s in the USA. Within a few years it had become America's newest and most popular kind of music. In the mid-1950s it became the central part of

teenage rebellion in the West. For example: Elvis Presley.

TECHNO*: This music is made on computers and performed mainly by deejays instead of old-fashioned bands. For example: “Prodigy”.

Choosing some kind of music young people try to protest against society’s standarts. As I have already said a particular culture grouping is a way for young people to express their individuality. The main features of such groupings you can see in my table :

A member of a group



Specific features


Leather jackets, metal chains


Brightly coloured hair, shocking way of wearing clothes


Tight trousers, heavy boots (Doc Martens)


Very short hair, uninterested in politics, regarded as violent and aggressive, football fans


2- or 3-wheeled motorized vehicles


The blackest clothes, a lot of silver jewellery

Looks very pale and thin, reads Bram Stoker


Psychedelic clothes

Synthesized music (techno)

All-night dance parties, thought lo be rebellious


A neat white Ital- ian shirt. a short jacket, narrow trousers, olive green anoraks, Levi's leans and hush puppies


Pale face, scooters are the preferred means of transportation


Rock'n 'roll

Liberal attitude and lifestyle, behaviours and attitudes differ from social norms


A leather jacket, army boots and a cowboy hat

Associated with some- thing rebellious


Techno, industrial music

A deep understanding of how their computers work, can do 'magical' things

To many teenagers, image is important and expressing one's own tastes and identity is very much a part of growing up and discovering oneself. This is often associated with using a particular type of language, or slang, which can also help to define you as belonging to a certain group. These days, in Britain, much of the slang used by teenagers seems to involve using words that are opposite to what you want to say. In this way, «wicked» or «bad» actually means fantastic or really good. Other words are made up because they sound like what they are describing. For example, «minging» was originally invented to mean «smelling disgusting», and has evolved to mean revolting or even ugly. Therefore, «he's a minger» means «he's disgusting» or «he's really ugly». This sort of slang evolves extremely fast and by knowing the latest version, you identify with the group that uses that language. By using this «code», you therefore claim membership to a certain group and at the same time, you exclude those, for example, parents, that you don't want to know what you are talking about.

Sports, such as football, tennis and athletics, will always be popular as they mix keeping fit with socialising. Skateboarding is hugely popular, particularly in cities, both as a way to get around and as part of a culture including music and fashion. Groups of lads wearing massive baggy trousers, over-sized T-shirts and hooded tops can be seen in most green spaces and even car parks, practising skating down steps, sliding along hand rails, trying to «catch some air» or «pull a vert». The tricks that some of these guys can pull are incredible and it gives them something to do while just hanging out. Girls, known as «Skate Betties», are also a part of these groups, although it seems that they do less of the actual 'boarding. But the fashion is still there - baggy jeans, little tops and belly rings, nose rings and the occasional eye brow ring can all be seen.

There is a lot of problems connected with school live. For example relationship with friends.

Some grown-ups think that to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend at school is a deadly sin. I do not think so. There are many films and books about love. and the main characters are usually young. I think, school is the right time to find a boyfriend or a girlfriend, because studying is difficult and they can support each other. It is important to have a person who really understands you.

There can also be a problem, if your peers (classmates, for example) do not understand you.

The problem of education is also very serious. There are many educa-

tional institutions at present, but the quality of training is different. Some of them are state, while others arc private. Some are very difficult to enter ,others are easy to enter. Some of them train specialists who can easily find a prestigious and well-paid job. Others offer their graduates only poorly-paid positions. The choice of the educational, institution depends on the school you study at, un your parents, on the financial conditions of the famiIy, on your likes and dislikes. It is a great problem to find a suitable university and a profession for the rest of your life.

Now it is even more important because all your fife depends on your choice. The problem of money is important as well. I think, young people need to have pocket money for buying hooks, pens, ice-cream and so on. But I do not think it is a good idea to beg parents to give me some money .They would give much more, if they earned enough. That makes the question of money more painful. If I find a part-time job during the academic year, they will say it distracts me from studies. If I ask for money they say they spend too much on my school, clothes and other things .So I try to combine my studies and my work.

At seventeen or so. many teenagers are getting their first jobs and a little cash is starting to come in. School work is also putting on the pressure as exams approach. It is therefore important, even crucial, that they get to spend time relaxing with friends - hanging out.

Music, TV, films and computers all have their part to play in filling this time. There is a huge amount of music types in the charts and in the shops these days; hip hop, pop, rock, indie, r&p, soul and reggae, to name Just a few. The music itself comes with associated fashion,

dance styles and images delivered through videos, magazines and TV. Of course, as teenagers grow up, there is a lot of experimenting to be done. Trying different styles, associating with different groups, even experimenting with alcohol, drugs and sex all play their part.

The rise in the use of computers and, in particular, the Internet has opened up a whole new world for spreading information about all aspects of youth culture. Teenagers in, say, Prague can simply log on to a chat room and can be chatting away to teenagers in, say, Manchester

within minutes. This has meant that, instead of having to filter down through magazines, TV and word of mouth, interests such as music and fashion can be shared immediately. This instant access to information has had a huge influence on youth culture, which now changes

much more rapidly and with influences from all over the world.

As teenagers start earning money, many choose to get themselves a mobile phone. The phenomenon of «texting» has taken the teenage world by storm, being able to send and receive short messages instantly. It has also brought about a whole new kind of language, as

texters try to shorten their messages to save time and money. Now, letters mix with numbers and punctuation to make messages that can take some time figuring out!

Young people stand many health problems. Many of us want to look

older and more independent. They do silly things. The girls make up as Red Indians on the war-path. They wear articles of clothes that do not become. They try to be fashionable-looking and lose their style and charm. The boys try to be tough, they are self-assured and insensible. Both boys and girls begin to smoke and drink beer and sometimes other alcoholic drinks.

Sometimes they begin using drugs and become drug addicts. I think that it`s terrible. Still, I think there are many advantages of being young. When you are young, you are usually healthy, your brain works well, you can study easily what you like. That is why I think that those who are young today will solve many problems of the humankind in the XXI century. These problems are environment, tolerance, industrial development, peace and health.

The problem of the environment is many-sided. First of all, it is the problem of pollution. Our air, water and soil are polluted. There must be invented some new technologies which will give us the things we need but will not pollute the planet. The second part of the problem is the protection of the wild life. Many species are now on the edge of distinction, such as the amazon parrot, the bison, the giant otter, the gray seal, the Indian rhinoceros, the snow leopard, the walrus, the giant panda, the Galapagos torioisc, the cheetah, the tiger. the kiwi, the Tasmanian wolf and many-many others. They need our protection- Then genetic engineering can restore many animals of which we now have only stuffed skins. The third tiling is there are some natural monuments and parks, but there must he many of them all over the world where people would he able to preserve wild life in all its beauty The Baycal must be turned into a national treasure an a park, for example. Then there is the dream of controlling and regulating tile climate.

That will help to avoid many disasters and enlarge the harvests.

I think that the XXI" century will be the age of space flights

The construction of new spaceships will be one of important tasks in the nearest future . The mineral resources of the Earth have been excavated for centuries now. We need to find something to substitute them .

At the same time the population grows but the area of ploughable land does not change. There must be some innovation in this field, if we want to feed the hungry. So the industrial development is one of the urgent tasks . The health problems of our century need solution.

There are many diseases which are not curable now, - cancer, AIDS and others. The problem of tolerance and political correctness is very important. Rut all the problems can be solved only and there will be peace on the Earth if all peoples unite.
I have mentonied some problems of a young generation. To come to the conclusion I must say being a teenager is a time of intense conflict and change. It can be the greatest and most exciting time one minute and the most traumatic and difficult the next. I think grown-ups pay too much attention to young people’s problems. In my opinion each young generation faces these problems, but when they grow-up, they cope with them!

Psychedelic rock - music, having intensely vivid sounds like those experienced while hallucinating, usually involves advanced electronic equipment.
Punk - (also punk rock) type of loud and violent rock music popular since the late 1970s and associated with protest against conventional, attitudes.

Reggae - type of West Indian popular music and dance with strong rhythms.

Rock'n'roll - earlier and usually simpler torm of rock music, which appeared in the early 1950s in the usa, Instead of playing the pop music disc jockey Alan Freed started placing the rhythm and blues music that derived from jazz, combined with aspects of country and western music. The music is based on electric guitar and drums .
Scooter - light motorcycle, usually with small wheels, a low seat and a metal shield protecting the driver's legs, scooters were favoured by the mods in the 1960s, in contrnat to the heavy motorbikes of their rivals, the rockers .

Soul music- type of popular modem black American music, derived from gospel, blues and jazz, that express strong emotion.
Stoker Bram (1847-1912) - an Irish novelist, actor, theatre manager, and author. His novel Dracula (1897) crystallised most aspects of the traditional vampire legend and became the source For all subsequent fiction and films on the subject .
Techno - dance music played on electronic instruments, created with extensive of studio technology for a futuristic, machine-made sound, sometimes with sampled soul vocals. The German band Kraftwerk (formed In 1970) is an early example.
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