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American local dialects..docx

American English shows a lesser degree of dialect than British due to some historical factors: the existence of standard English when first English settlers came to America, the high mobility of population, internal migrations of dofferent communities. So there are 3 types of amer language:

1. the eastern type (is spoken in the states along the Isles Atlantic coast. The consonant system is the same as British English. About the vowels: they pronounce not [o:] but [a:], instead short [o] -> [o:] hot dog )

2. The southern type (used in south and south-east of usa, it possesses a striking distinctive feature – vowel drawl. It is the most demaged corrupted English. It has a number of peculiarities in vowels:

[i] ->[i ə]

[ж] -> [ж ə]

[e] -> [e ə]

[/\] -> [ə/\]

Second peculiarity:

1) instead of [a:] -> [o:] art, party

2) [au] -> [əu] sit down

3) [ai ə] -> [a:] tired

4) [e] -> [i] get

5) [i] -> [e] spirit)

3. general American.(is spoken in atlantic states: new york, new jersey y etc., it’s the pronunciation standard as its language is used by radio and tv.)
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